Brennan Dunn

Brennan Dunn
LTV Conf 2017 speaker

Brennan is a programmer who has become a master of marketing. He can take a visitor to your website on a personalised journey to becoming your customer

Applying the process to his own business Brennan has helped tens of thousands of freelancers to raise their rates. It works so well that he's found writing books and running online courses to be far more rewarding (and profitable) than running a software business.

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  • If you're a freelancer I can't recommend Brennan's free email course enough. I applied many of the things he teaches to turn my consulting business around. I went from struggling with debt to being able to buy my first house.

    Jonathan Markwell

But Brennan doesn't limit himself to teaching freelancers. He's now teaching his automated marketing techniques to businesses large and small. And he'll be doing just that at LTV Conf 2017.

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Life. Time. Value. Conference is on Wednesday 19th April 2017 in Brighton, England.

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