Wednesday 19th April


Doors open at The Clarendon Centre, 47 New England St, Brighton, BN1 4GQ


Opening remarks + hello table

0945 Laura Elizabeth Launching Your First (Side) Product

  • How to overcome your own objections to launching your first small product
  • What you need to do to prepare your product for sale
  • What marketing activities you need for a successful launch and ongoing sales


Table question

1020 Lightning Talks (Non-programmers)

Hannah Martin Don’t believe the six-figure hype

Izzy Crouch Six things I learned buying a horse & a house with my first product

James Greig Why You Should Write

1045 - Break

1115 - Brennan Dunn The Power of On-site Niche Marketing

  • How to sell better to people on your site, based on what you know about them
  • Using email triggers to send the right messages at the right time

1145 - Table Exercise

1200 - Bridget Harris Overnight Success: a story of the also-rans

  • How a succession of failed products provided the learning for her current success
  • How what your product does influences the business you build around it
  • How to know when you get it right and when to pull the plug

1230 - Lunch

1400 - Stef Lewandowski Making Light

  • How the VC-path leads to excessive hours but not necessarily glory
  • How building an authentic community around what you do can lead to to a modern family business
  • How making something everyday leads to a happier life

1430 - Table Exercise

1500 - Lightning Talks (Software)

Thomas Parslow On-demand Workforce: Online Freelancer Marketplaces

Jonny White Lack of experience is no excuse for not starting a business

Emma Barnes A company of one’s own

1530 - Break

1615 - Thomas Smale How to Grow a Sellable Business

  • How doing the the things that make your business valuable to acquirers also make it valuable to you
  • The changes you go through as your business grows
  • What really makes a business grow

1645 - Table exercise

1700 - Julia Chanteray The ‘Why’ Behind Your Business

  • People _are_ building product businesses in Brighton/Sussex and it’s not just about the money
  • Overcome the challenges of making your business sustainable
  • The importance of getting into good habits

1730 - Table planning

1800 - After Party at The Skiff Coworking Space

Food, drink and more good conversation. (Four minutes walk from venue on the way to the station)