Thomas Smale

Thomas Smale
LTV Conf 2017 speaker

Thomas knows what potential future acquirers of your business care about. He's a broker specialising in helping people sell Software as a Service businesses, but he's experienced in preparing all kinds of online business for sale.

Thomas has written loads of great material on the sales process. This piece highlights the most important things that someone might consider when valuing your business: How to value a SaaS business

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  • I personally have no intension of selling any of the businesses I'm involved in. I prefer to work on things that will be around for the long term. It drives me crazy when a good product or service goes bad because its founders decided to sell out. But after listening to some of the things Thomas has to say I've come to appreciate three things:

    1. Life changes. Just because I'm not interested in selling now doesn't mean I won't want to in the future.
    2. It is risky having all your eggs in one basket. If selling your business is the only way to diversify your investments it might make financial sense for you and your family.
    3. Whats's good for an acquirer is good for you. If you make your business ready to be sold it'll likely be in a state that's much more rewarding for you to choose to keep running it.
    Jonathan Markwell

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