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LTV Conf 2020 will be the biggest and most expert-packed event yet. Last year, we gathered the biggest and brightest names in SaaS in London for the first time! Now, we are bringing the conference across the pond to New York City!
LTV Conf 2020 will bring like-minded SaaS entrepreneurs, private and public companies as well as active investors from all over the world into one space to collaborate and take away meaningful connections and ideas to drive future growth.
This year’s speakers have been hand-picked to share knowledge in key growth areas such as marketing, scaling, tech and entrepreneurship. Speakers include successful founders, serial entrepreneurs and other industry leaders.


    • SaaS founders with $100K – $20M ARR• Bootstrapped and funded SaaS businesses• Angel, VC and private equity firms• Experience SaaS Executives• Industry leaders in SaaS growth, marketing and M&A


    • Growing and scaling• Hiring and retention in the SaaS space• How to reach your highest value customers globally• How to keep innovating• Bootstrapping vs. getting funding• Personalised marketing in 2018• When (and how) to exit

LTV Conf 2020 Schedule Coming Soon!

LTV Conf 2019 Schedule

Tuesday, April 2nd - Day 0
  • 7 PM - 9 PM

    Opening Reception

    Convene Times Square, 151 West 42nd Street – 4th Floor
    *Please remember to bring ID.

Wednesday, April 3rd - Day 1

  • 8 AM

    Registration and Breakfast

    Please join us for continental breakfast. Your conference registration includes gourmet coffee, hot and cold beverages, pastries and breakfast goodies before we start!117 West 46th Street

  • Thomas Smale

    9 AM - 9:15 AM

    Welcome and Opening Day 1

    Thomas Smale, Master of Ceremony

  • David Hauser

    9:15 AM - 10 AM

    The Secret Lessons Learned Scaling to $30m ARR

    Learn the most important secrets on the path to scaling to Grasshopper to $30m+ ARR and how we got to over $500k revenue per employee. Plus at least 2 takeaways you can implement tomorrow for results.

  • Natalya Sverjensky

    10 AM - 10:45 AM

    Managing Social Complexity as You Scale

    Technology scales - people don’t. Every founder is familiar with technical debt. People and relationships work the same way, except that “social debt” compounds much faster and is nearly impossible to refactor. For rapidly scaling startups, culture doesn’t come later.
    In this interactive keynote, Natalya will explore the psychology behind why managing social complexity is essential to scaling your team. Illustrated by real startup stories and case studies, Natalya will share the three key ways social debt impacts your business and how to manage it. She’ll invite the audience to discuss, learn and apply one of NOBL’s best-practice tools for navigating your team’s dynamics effectively.

    Key takeaways:
    - Understand what “social debt” is and how it impacts the growth and competitiveness of your startup
    - Learn best-practice ways of working, org structures and strategies other SaaS
    startups have successfully used to scale their teams
    - Practice applying an essential tool for managing social complexity in your own
    startup context

  • 10:45 AM - 11 AM


    Network with your colleagues over gourmet coffee, hot and cold beverages, sweet and savory seasonal snacks, fresh fruit and candy.

  • 11 AM - 11:45 AM

    Panel 1: Growing A SaaS Business With Customer Cash

    How do you build a high growth company without relying on venture capital? Firstly, make sure you build something people will pay you for. Join Greg Smith, Jade Huang and Einar Vollset as they discuss how companies like Atlassian, Qualtrics, and Jane Software have built sustainable, multi-million ARR businesses without giving up any equity to VC firms.
    Panelists:- Greg Smith, CIO, TIMIA Capital- Einar Vollset, General Partner, TinySeed- Jade Huang, CEO and co-founder, StyleSage

  • Autumn Manning

    11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

    Prioritizing Great Culture Through Various Stages of Growth

    Building and maintaining a great culture is hard work, which is why most companies struggle to realize the benefits, the immense value, and frankly the magic of a great one. From the scrappy early days through various points of growth through mergers and exits, hear how (and why) you can focus on culture from day 1. Where do you start? When does it matter the most? What are the foundational pieces and huge watch outs that can make or break progress as you scale your business? Hear tales of when it works and what happens when it doesn't.  
    Takeaways:-Understand the role of CEO and the executive team in guiding great culture-Identify key areas to start in the early days and the business value of doing so-How to manage and adapt culture as the business changes and grows

  • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

    -Lunch and Tabletop Visits-Exit Planning Workshop(Forum room)

    Please join us for a tasty lunch and get to know your fellow attendees. Your conference registration includes seasonal salads, gourmet sandwiches and dessert. Don’t worry, there is something for everyone! After lunch, spend some time visiting our sponsors’ tabletops to chat and learn more about what they have to offer you and your business.

  • Dan Martell

    1:30 PM - 2:15 PM

    How To Rock Your Product Demo

    Is Your Software Demo Costing You Sales?
    It doesn’t matter how great your software is. Unless you can clearly demonstrate how it solves your prospect’s biggest problems, you’re toast.
    Unfortunately, most founders default to a glorified version of “show and tell” that leaves would-be buyers frustrated.
    On the flip side, a strong demo can slash your sales cycle by 60%, close larger commitments faster, and ramp up team and investor confidence as you hit record-breaking MRR.

    -Dan Martell’s signature “Rocket Demo Builder”
    -Techniques to close larger commitments faster
    -Ways to ramp up team and investor confidence

  • Claire Suellentrop 

    2:15 PM - 3PM

    Misunderstanding Your Customers: The Most Expensive Mistake Your Company is Making

    You already know the success metrics your company should be striving for: a sticky product, highly-engaged customers, and MRR that's consistently up and to the right. Your team's working hard on marketing, sales, product & customer success — but if the results still feel "meh," you probably don't know your audience and customers as well as you think you do. Maybe website visitors don't convert, or deals drag through the pipeline forever. Maybe new features ship, but no one uses them, or customers sign up...only to churn right out again. During this talk, you'll learn the most common reasons companies fall out of alignment with what their customers actually need — and how it can happen to your team (if it hasn't already).
    You'll also walk away with a practical exercise you can run back at the office, to centralize your departments around customers' needs & get everyone working toward the same goals. The result? More new signups, a stickier product — and ultimately, a healthier MoM growth rate.
    Takeaways:-What the 'Wall of Misunderstanding' is, and it's preventing your team from making sound decisions
    -Why so many well-meaning companies accidentally create marketing experiences & products that fail to resonate
    -How to grow faster by centralizing your departments around your customers' needs

  • 3PM - 3:30 PM


    Network with your colleagues over gourmet coffee, hot and cold beverages, sweet and savory seasonal snacks, fresh fruit and candy.

  • 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

    Panel 2: Idea to Customers: How to Mitigate Product Development Risk

    Panelists:- Sumit Chachra, Co-Founder and CEO, Tivix- Kerel Cooper, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, LiveIntent- Alli Blum, Customer Experience Consultant and Conversion Copywriter

  • Kathryn Minshew

    4:15 PM - 5 PM

    Fireside chat: Finding Best Fit Talent in the Next Gen Workforce

    Finding the “best fit” for a role in the next generation of talent has proven to be a challenge across the HR industry. But it doesn’t have to be. Employers need the tools to develop and maintain an authentic, engaging brand story to adapt appropriately to the changing world of work. It’s becoming increasingly more important for companies to think more widely about their reputations, and how to best attract and retain millennial talent. 
    Takeaways:-How to build a successful and authentic employer brand-How to best attract the “best fit” talent in the next gen workforce-How to create an engaging candidate/employer experience that matches your brand story

  • 5 PM - 7 PM

    Evening Reception with Open Bar and Dinner

    You have learned and absorbed a lot of information today—it’s time to share your favorite insights with your new LTV friends! Your conference registration will include complimentary drinks and snacks to chat with fellow attendees and make the most out of the day’s valuable lessons.

Thursday, April 4th - Day 2

  • 8 AM

    Registration and Breakfast

    Please join us for continental breakfast. Your conference registration includes gourmet coffee, hot and cold beverages, pastries and breakfast goodies before we start!117 West 46th Street

  • Thomas Smale

    9 AM - 9:15 AM

    Welcome and Opening Day 2

    Thomas Smale, Master of Ceremony

  • April Dunford

    9:15 AM - 10 AM

    Positioning in Crowded Markets - How to Make Your SaaS Product Obviously Awesome

    Vicious competition, saturated media, overwhelmed buyers - have you ever felt that breaking through to customers is almost impossible? This talk will teach you how to use market context to make the value of any offering obvious to customers. Case study examples of companies that achieved breakthrough success through a strategic shift in positioning.
    Takeaways:-How a change in context can transform a losing product into a winner.-A simple methodology to find the best market context for any offering.  -How to turn a struggling offering into a breakout success with a simple positioning methodology

  • Patrick Campbell

    10AM - 10:45 AM

    Cancer and Competitors: Structuring your Company to Leverage the Most Lifetime Value

    Building a company takes an extraordinary amount of effort, no matter your role, and both life and competitors don't hold punches for anyone. CEO and Founder of ProfitWell, Patrick Campbell knows this first hand. Using his experience bootstrapping ProfitWell to $10M and beyond (while simultaneously undergoing some pretty big personal roadblocks).

    -Essential frameworks to help leverage maximum lifetime value
    -Data along with tactics to help you understand critical metrics
    -Operational takeaways to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape

  • 10:45 AM - 11 AM


    Network with your colleagues over gourmet coffee, hot and cold beverages, sweet and savory seasonal snacks, fresh fruit and candy.

  • 11 AM - 11:45 AM

    Panel 3: Becoming a Sales Driven Organization

    Panelists:- Germain Brion, Vice President of Sales, Chargebee
    - Collin Stewart, CEO, Predictable Revenue
    - Adam Baker, Partner, Data Reply

  • Jade Huang

    11:45 AM - 12:30 PM

    Fireside chat: Shaping Your Product for Success

    In this fireside chat, Jade will discuss her journey in figuring out how to shape their product to address critical industry needs. That understanding eventually led them to work with world-class retailers that represent over $100BN of the apparel market. From the failed pilots and the hard lessons learned to winning their first 7-figure contract, the journey to predictable sales is full of ups and downs in this honest chat about her company's growth.

  • 12:30 PM - 1:30PM

    Lunch/Tabletops Visits

    Please join us for a tasty lunch and get to know your fellow attendees. Your conference registration includes seasonal salads, gourmet sandwiches and dessert. Don’t worry, there is something for everyone! After lunch, spend some time visiting our sponsors’ tabletops to chat and learn more about what they have to offer you and your business.

  • Ken and Kerri Courtright

    1:30 PM - 2:15PM

    Keynote: Stacking S-Curves - The Secret to Consistently Growing Faster than 18,000,000 U.S. Companies

  • 2:15 PM - 3 PM

    Panel 4: Trends in Teamwork – What the Best Companies are Doing

    Panelists:- Darren Chait, Co-Founder, Hugo- Jinny Oh, Founder, WANDR

  • 3PM - 3:30 PM


    Network with your colleagues over gourmet coffee, hot and cold beverages, sweet and savory seasonal snacks, fresh fruit and candy.

  • Nathan Barry

    3:30 PM - 4:15 PM

    Lessons Learned Growing ConvertKit to $14M ARR

    Takeaways:- Focusing on direct sales-Using key metrics (OKRs) to align the company-Company culture in remote teams

  • 4:15 PM - 4:30 PM

    Closing and thank you

    We will recap 2 days’ worth of invaluable education and thank our sponsors. Please make sure you follow up with all your takeaways and keep in touch with all your new LTV Friends—until the next LTV Conf!  



    April Dunford is an executive consultant, speaker, and author who helps companies make complicated products easy for customers to understand and love. She is a globally recognized expert in Positioning, having launched 16 products across her 25-year career as VP Marketing at a series of successful startups. April is also an angel investor, board member, and advisor to dozens of startups and the author of the upcoming book on Positioning titled “Obviously Awesome: How to Nail Product Positioning so Customers Get It, Buy It, Love It”


    Kerel is the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at LiveIntent. He currently leads the marketing team and works closely with sales, product, engineering and customer success to create awareness and generate leads for key products and features. Kerel has 20 years of digital media experience building and leading Advertising Operations, Account Management, Partnerships & Product Marketing teams. Prior to LiveIntent, Kerel Cooper held positions at Advance Digital as the Senior Director Ad Platform Strategies and JupiterMedia as Director of Advertising Operations. Kerel has his Bachelor’s degree in Management Science/Marketing from Kean University and a MBA from Regis University.


    Dan is a high-octane teacher and in-demand speaker, layin’ down wisdom worldwide to help you unravel the greatest mystery of them all: how to scale. (Yes, scale. Sounds boring. But it’s pure money.) He’s exited 2 tech startups - Clarity and Flowtown - and he invests in the likes of Udemy, Intercom, Unbounce and Foodspotting, making him one of Canada’s top angel investors. And now? Now he’s gonna teach you how to Do It Like Dan Does. Buckle up


    Autumn Manning is co-founder and CEO of YouEarnedIt, a leading HR SaaS company that improves bottom-line performance metrics by enhancing the employee experience. With a background in human capital management and expertise in enhancing corporate culture, she carries out the company’s vision to improve the lives of employees everywhere, one company at a time. Profiled in The New York Times and HuffPost, Autumn’s thoughts on culture and leadership have been featured in Inc., Business Insider, and Entrepreneur. Under her leadership, YouEarnedIt created the world’s most robust employee experience platform and was named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Best Company Cultures in 2017.


    As a serial entrepreneur, David has done what most founders dream of. Despite not having nearly enough money, he bootstrapped Grasshopper from $0 to $30 million in revenue and 150,000 customers before selling it to Citrix. He then built Chargify into a highly profitable SaaS, and secured investment from Mark Cuban. As an angel investor, he has invested in over 100 companies. David is a passionate technologist, and one of the youngest founds as #66 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the U.S, as well as 30 under 30. He has been featured across numerous media outlets, including CNN, Wall Street Journal, Boston Global and Fortune. David studied entrepreneurship at Babson College.


    Jade Huang is the CEO and co-founder of StyleSage, an AI-focused company that has developed "smart machines that see the world the way customers do" which helps retailers and brands automate data-driven decision and processes. An ex-fashion designer turned technologist, Jade has 10+ years of award-winning digital strategy, design, and technology experience.
    She is a frequent industry speaker, having presented in 6+ countries and at The Financial Times Innovate America Forum, Monaco Symposium of Luxury, International Retail Summit in Switzerland, INSEAD, Harvard University, Cornell University, MIT, and many more.

    Jade studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design, and has a Bachelors in International Trade from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She has a MPA in International Economics from Columbia University, and a MBA from INSEAD where she was awarded the L'Oreal Scholarship for Creativity & Entrepreneurship Spirit. She is also a 2016 NYC Venture Fellow.


    Nathan Barry is the Founder and CEO of ConvertKit, an email marketing tool for creators. Before ConvertKit’s growth took off, he worked on building iPhone apps, writing books, and coding websites. Nathan got his start as a web and software designer, but soon became obsessed with the world of audience building and book publishing. During that time he wrote 3 books (The App Design Handbook, Designing Web Applications, and Authority) and 2 courses (Photoshop for Web Design and Building Profitable Audiences).


    Claire Suellentrop helps SaaS companies get the customer insights they need to stop making marketing decisions from "inside the echo chamber," and develop the growth strategies required to accelerate from their initial $1-2M to their next $5-10M. Through direct experience working with high-growth companies like Calendly, Wistia, FullStory, Death to the Stock Photo and others, Claire knows how to get inside customers’ heads, pinpoint your company's biggest growth opportunities across the entire customer journey, and turn those insights into a plan your team can immediately act on. She’s also the co-founder of Forget The Funnel: free workshops and paid training to help SaaS marketers be amazing at their jobs.


    Patrick Campbell is the Co-Founder and CEO of Price Intelligently, the industry standard software for helping companies like Atlassian, Autodesk, Meetup, and Lyft with their monetization and retention strategies. PI is also the maker of ProfitWell, the turnkey solution that powers the subscription financial metrics for over eight thousand subscription companies. Prior to Price Intelligently Patrick lead Strategic Initiatives for Boston based Gemvara and was an Economist at Google and the US Intelligence community.
    Click to watch Patrick Campbell's video


    Kathryn Minshew is the CEO & Founder of The Muse, a career platform used by over 75 million people to research companies and careers. In 2018, The Muse was named one of Fast Company's 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World and #3 Most Innovative Company for Enterprise.
    Kathryn has spoken at MIT and Harvard, contributed to the WSJ and HBR, and appeared on TODAY and CNN, among others. Kathryn worked on HPV vaccine introduction in Rwanda with the Clinton Health Access Initiative before founding The Muse, and was previously at McKinsey & Company. Her first book, "The New Rules of Work," was a Wall Street Journal national bestseller.


    Ken is the founder of Today’s Growth Consultant, a two-time Inc. 5000 designee with revenues that have doubled in each of the last 5 years. Started in 1992, the company is now an international, multi million-dollar enterprise. TGC has worked with over 3,300 companies in 49 states. Clients include: Harrah’s Casino, First National Bank, Chicago Bulls Organization, Cadillac to name a few. Ken is the author of the upcoming book Guerrilla Marketing Today, part of the best-selling Guerrilla Marketing series, and best-selling author of Online Income: Navigating the Internet Minefield and co-author with Brian Tracy of Against The Grain. 


    Kerri Courtright is Co-Founder at TGC – Income Store. Kerri is an entrepreneur and small business owner who has built companies, created jobs, and balanced budgets. She founded Today’s Growth. Consultant, an Inc. 500/5000 company that was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.


    Darren is a co-founder of Hugo - the common platform for your team to save and share meeting insights. Originally from Sydney, Australia, he made the move to San Francisco to build Hugo, solving a personal pain around the value of meetings and the way teams work. Today, while focused on Hugo's growth, Darren and his co-founder regularly speak about their startup experience and what the future of work may look like for fast-growing businesses.


    Adam has a strong entrepreneurial background. He found three technology companies. Adam founded his first company, ReHash, a behavioral analytics company in 2002. ReHash was acquired by a Danish Advertising Network in 2007, at which time Adam took up the post of Group Sales Director at Northcliffe Media, part of The Daily Mail & General Trust Group.
    In 2010 Adam founded Blottr, a company that applied machine learning to authenticate news content. After his exit from Blottr in 2014, Adam founded Churnly, a SaaS company providing churn software to help B2B SaaS companies increase LTV and reduce churn.
    Adam is currently Partner at Data Reply, a data engineering and data science firm that helps companies build KNY and customer 360 tools.


    As Chief Investment Officer, Greg brings over a decade of experience in SaaS financing innovation. Prior to joining TIMIA in 2015, Greg co-founded Espresso Capital, an early trailblazer in debt and revenue financing. He also spent time at the Business Development Bank of Canada’s (BDC) Technology Seed Investment Group.

    Before BDC, Greg sat on the other side of the investor-entrepreneur table—he founded and bootstrapped his own startup for seven years before a successful exit in 2000.

    Greg has a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of BC.


    Einar Vollset is a YC-alum, former Cornell CS Professor, and the founder of Discretion Capital, a tech-focused M&A investment bank. He sold his first startup to Google in 2010, and exited his most recent in 2016.


    Germain Brion is the driving force of Chargebee’s sales success, scaling the sales team from 3 to 50+ people since 2015. He is a Franco-American who studied philosophy, finance and politics in Paris and in London, worked in real estate, volunteered with Doctors Without Borders in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and started (and closed) 2 start-up companies prior to joining Chargebee. He currently lives in San Francisco where he can indulge in his biggest passion: sailing in the San Francisco Bay. 


    Natalya Sverjensky is a speaker, startup advisor, and Managing Director of NOBL Collective. The world’s most pioneering startups trust NOBL to help them make culture their competitive advantage.

    Natalya has spent the past decade building, advising and leading startups that are creating a new blueprint for work. She has advised founders and their teams at groundbreaking startups including Google DeepMind, Breather, Spotify, XO Group and Rocketrip.

    Prior to joining NOBL, Natalya was Partner & US Director of Within People, a global coaching partnership supporting leaders to tap into the power of culture and reimagine the way they work. Previously, Natalya was based in London leading the strategy practice at Futerra, a sustainable business consultancy.


    Sumit is Co-Founder and CEO at Tivix, a digital product development firm that helps companies build the software that powers their business. At Tivix he leads the development of web and mobile platforms for clients ranging from global brands such as Zoetis and Macerich, early/mid-stage companies such as Best Egg and COMBiNATi and innovative NGOs like UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP), and many more. He previously worked at Yahoo! and Omniture (acquired by Adobe).


    Jinny is a world-traveling entrepreneur, an angel investor, and a new podcast show host. She currently lives a fully nomadic lifestyle and does not have a place she calls ‘home.’

    She is the founder of WANDR, a product strategy and UX design firm, and UXAuditCo, which produces usability audit reports and user testing. Both companies have always operated location-independently with remote employees from around the world. She shares her experiences of running her companies fully remotely in her new podcast called Remote CEOs.

    Jinny is most well-known for her story on Linkedin about funding her employees’ salaries on her personal credit card for the first 6 months of business--a story that reached over 20 million views worldwide in just a matter of a week.


    Alli Blum is a conversion copywriter and user researcher who turns customer conversations into answer keys. She’s helped teams at companies like Buffer and Codecademy launch high-converting email campaigns and CRO experiments, but not before pinpointing the “why” behind the “what” of high-impact customer behaviors. Alli has spoken about conversion copywriting and customer research for MicroConf, is a frequent guest on shows including UI Breakfast, Startups for the Rest of Us, and Forget the Funnel, and is a TinySeed mentor. She doesn't tweet often, but when she does she tweets mini lessons about research, onboarding, and conversion copywriting.



    Patrick McKenzie is founding member of Stripe's Atlas division. A recovering Japanese salaryman, he previously solo-shipped two SaaS products which both saw successful exits. He was previously CEO of Starfighter, a business that's goal is not to fix the job interview but destroy it. Patrick is widely respected as one of the few programmers who really understand marketing and is a top authority on Hacker News.


    Bridget Harris is the CEO and co-founder of SaaS scheduling tool, since 2012. Since that time, she and co-founder Keith Harris have bootstrapped and grown the company from early traction, to a multi-million pound, profitable and 100% revenue funded business. In a previous life she had a career in politics and local governance, working as a political advisor to both local and national ministers. Latterly she was a government Special Advisor to the UK Deputy Prime Minister. Bridget manages the strategy, business, people and operations of the company. Click to watch Bridget Harris' video


    Brennan is a programmer by trade who has also become a master of marketing. He can take a visitor to your website on a personalised journey to becoming a customer with his latest SaaS business, Applying the process to his own business Brennan has helped tens of thousands of freelancers to raise their rates. Click to watch Brennan Dunn's video


    Aaron Krall is the founder of the SaaS Growth Hacks Facebook Community, and has helped dozens of SaaS companies increase their trial to paid conversion rates, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased revenue. He's a pain discovery specialist, avid reader and proud puppy dad. Click to watch Aaron Krall's video


    Laura Roeder is the founder of Edgar, a social media automation tool designed to prevent status updates from going to waste. Laura has given talks at conferences like BlogHer and South by Southwest, and has spoken about the value of independent entrepreneurship at the White House. She’s also appeared in Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, CNET, and other major publications.


    Wilco de Kreij has founded various SaaS businesses and is currently the founder/CEO of UpViral and Connectio. He is a 'marketing nerd', as he calls it. He's a master of marketing automation, product launches and paid traffic, and has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs improve the ROI on their marketing. Click to watch Wilco de Kreij's video


    SendOwl was founded by tech entrepreneur George Palmer. Desperate to find a decent delivery system, he started SendOwl in his free time with just $50. He's a 4 Hour Work Week advocate (despite working a 50 hour+ week currently) and Brixton resident who runs, cycles, loves crossfit, plays tennis and makes pizzas.


    Dr. Sherry Walling is a licensed clinical psychologist, the co-host of the ZenFounder podcast, and the founder of ZenFounder LLC. Her life's work is to help founders with the mental side of launching, scaling and exiting a business. Married to a serial tech entrepreneur, Sherry has a unique combination of psychological expertise and 18 years of experience in the trenches of the startup world. She brings these worlds together with her extensive experience as a psychotherapist and clinical researcher. Her book, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Keeping Your Sh*t Together: How to Run Your Business Without Letting it Run You is the definitive guide to founder mental health and well-being. Click to watch Dr. Sherry Walling's video


    Thomas knows what potential future acquirers of your business care about. He's an advisor and investor specialising in helping people sell Software as a Service businesses, but he's experienced in preparing all kinds of online business for sale. Thomas has written loads of great material on the sales process. This piece highlights the most important things that someone might consider when valuing your business: How to value a SaaS business Click to watch Thomas Smale's video



“The info from the experts was so valuable that you can make the ticket price back almost immediately by applying some of the things they suggested. They could also prevent someone from making a costly mistake thus saving them the ticket price that way too.”

Joanne Munro

The VA Handbook

“If you are serious about a SaaS business you’ll need to know what you are doing to avoid mistakes and this conference will help to guide you in the right direction and think very strategically about how to start making money.”

Izzy Crouch

IZC Marketing