You own or help run a digital product business?

You want to quit being a slave to the clock?

You’re curious about businesses not in the headlines?

You’ve seen enough press sensationalising startups to last a lifetime. You’re not interested in raw ideas months away from having paying customers, or in billion dollar unicorns with business models that only work at scale. Maybe there are some profitable digital product businesses hidden from view here in Sussex.

You’ll go home with a stronger sense how you can start creating value that few journalists seem to understand. You’ll meet people who are quietly building businesses to last rather than optimising for short-lived fame and glory. You’ll leave equipped with specific actions you can take to support their businesses. Businesses that are making a positive difference to the world one step at a time.


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12 Videos from 2016

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12 Videos from 2016

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Your hosts for the day…

Jon Markwell

Coworking pioneer at The Skiff. Founded Brighton Dynamic digital product business community and Open Coffee Sussex.

Andy Croll
Organiser, MC

Been through the VC-mill. Technology guy, but loves making things, not the technology itself.

Jon & Andy have spent over ten years working with digital product businesses. Although software engineers by trade, they’ve seen first-hand how technology is far from being the most important thing in digital product businesses.

They’ve felt the soul-crushing results of too many investment-fixated startups. They’ve enjoyed the rewards of seeing independent businesses flourish through bootstrapping their own way to success.

Code of Conduct…

We believe in running a safe, inclusive event for all attendees, please see our Code of Conduct.

This year at LTV Conf you’ll learn how to…

  • Identify low risk product and feature ideas
  • Grow your audience of potential customers
  • Find the time to build your digital product
  • Manage digital product development
  • Avoid the painful side of product businesses
  • Decide the right price for your digital downloads
  • Trust a virtual assistant with business critical tasks
  • Create an experience that sells
  • Charge more for your most valuable packages

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Amongst delegates with businesses who…

  • Are serving over 20,000 paying subscribers
  • Have completed the transition from 100% service to 100% product
  • Are making over £100K per year with just a few hours work per week
  • Have achieved margins >80%
  • Are making 90% of their income from exports out of the UK
  • Have passed £100K monthly recurring revenue
  • Are balancing profits from their agency with profits from their digital product